Association of Escoffier Followers Launching in Kazakhstan

At the beginning of March, the official launching ceremony of the Association of Escoffier Followers in Kazakhstan took place in Astana. Seven chefs from our country were honored to join the family of Escoffier's followers. Among them is Sanzhar Yesimkanovich Estauletov, the chef of our hotel! We are proud of him!

It's noteworthy that our country will become the 38th state to join this organization. It comprises 10 thousand elite chefs, 80% of whom are Michelin star holders.

Auguste Escoffier is a legendary French chef. He left behind a legacy that is still cherished by professional chefs around the world. The famous Frenchman invented approximately 5,000 recipes, published the textbook "Le Guide Culinaire", and developed approaches to kitchen management.