The luxurious spa SPA Center “BALI” gives you the opportunity to feel like true royalty of an exotic island, to experience the magical complex natural procedures and to try ancient natural beauty, health, mind and soul recipes.

Made in true Balinese style, this piece of paradise embodies the best traditional rituals for full body recovery and the relaxation of Indonesian resorts, considered one of the world’s capitals for spa SPA Centers. You will be welcomed and surrounded in a special unique atmosphere of serenity and sensuality, created by soft colors, enchanting scents, great music and friendly staff. Certified world-class specialists, who mastered their skills on the most beautiful “Island of Gods” and who are fully experiences in unique techniques that will, in a short period of time, make you regain the life balance and fill you with the necessary strength and energy.

Enjoy the invigorating effects of swimming pools with hydro massage and Jacuzzi. Get incomparable pleasure in the aroma steam room, in the Finnish sauna, in the traditional Turkish Hammam and in the tanning room. Spend your time by doing healthy physical exercises in the state-of-the-art fitness studio, furnished with the high quality “Technogym” equipment. Experience the magical effect of more than 60 different kinds of relaxing and therapeutic massages, exclusive face and body treatments, gifting you with not only physical health, sublime retreat and true delight, but also with a harmonized mental state of mind. Each session is a ceremony based on a thousand of years of experience of the Balinese, Turkish, Chinese and Japanese cultures, which are made to achieve body and mind equilibrium and the state of tranquility, as well as to discover new life sensations. The amazing Ayurvedic Shirodhara therapy, the hot stone massage, the reflexology and the elite miracle teas will demonstrate what a real spa center is.

Our membership cards will provide democratic conditions and special offers to our members.

In the wonderful “Bali” spa you will become part of a magical world of a tropical island where everything is designed to satisfy your needs and your pleasure. 


Valuables can be left at the reception during the inventory of the contents and the owner's signature, while visiting the SPA center. The SPA center is not responsible for the loss of valuable items.

Children under the age of 6 cannot be admitted to the SPA center. Children from 6-12 years old can visit the complex only when accompanied by their parents and according to certain visiting regulations:

  • On weekdays, visiting time 10.00 - 17.00
  • Saturday 10.00 - 15.00
  • on Sunday children under 12 years old are not admitted.

The persons who take care of children are responsible for their safety and for the damage caused by them.

To visit the gym, we ask you to bring sportswear and shoes with you. Access to the pool is only permitted with a bathing suit, pool cap and shale. (In the absence of a hat or slates, you can rent them for free while you are in the SPA from the administrators at the reception).

We ask you to turn off the sound on your mobile phones during your stay in the SPA and not to disturb the atmosphere of peace, so as not to interfere with the rest for yourself and other guests.

It is forbidden to bring soft drinks, alcoholic drinks, as well as food into the SPA center.

It is forbidden to visit the SPA center while intoxicated and intoxicated. Smoking in the spa is only allowed in a designated area at the reception.

Animals are not allowed in the SPA center.

The procedure should be taken on an empty stomach, at least 40 minutes after eating.

Spa center guests are provided with bathrobes, slippers and towels. We ask you to leave them after your stay in the SPA in the appropriate places for used linen. The locker key and swimming cap must be returned to the reception.

It is forbidden to bring in flammable objects, flammable, explosive and other hazardous chemicals, as well as edged weapons and firearms.

It is forbidden to run around the pool. For your safety, it is forbidden to jump into the pool as the pool has several depth levels.

Persons with medical contraindications (in case of skin diseases, in the presence of open wounds, etc.) are prohibited from visiting the pool. People suffering from cardiovascular diseases, pregnant women, as well as people with hypertensive diseases are not recommended to stay in the sauna, steam room and Turkish bath for more than 15 minutes.

Pregnant women are strictly prohibited from performing procedures in the Turkish bath and hydromassage room, and it is also not recommended to perform acupressure on the feet and on the whole body.

All high-risk areas, such as the pool and corridors, are monitored by video.

Guests have the right to visit the SPA center only during business hours, in accordance with the spa center's opening hours.

Guests must provide all the necessary information to the SPA center, as well as copies of the documents that are required when filling out an application for the purchase of a club card.

The SPA center has the right to change the prices for the services of the SPA center without prior notice to club members and guests.

The SPA center has the right to collect monetary compensation for damage to property, as well as the loss of keys to lockers, according to the price list.

The SPA center has the right to terminate the validity period of the club card unilaterally without compensation for the paid cost. The reason for the termination of the club card may be non-compliance with the listed rules or inappropriate behavior towards other guests or employees of the SPA center.

In case of violation of the Visiting Rules, the visitor can be removed from the territory of the SPA center by employees of the Department of Internal Regime and Security or by the administration without compensation for the cost of services paid by him.

Photo and video filming in the spa is strictly prohibited.

In case of accidents, the SPA center does not bear any responsibility.

If you experience any inconvenience during your stay in the SPA center, you can inform the administrator about it. We ask you to leave relevant comments and suggestions for improving the spa operation in our book of complaints about the reception. Your feedback is very important to us.

One-time visits

One-time visit for an adult - 10,000 tenge.

A full visit includes a visit to the gym, swimming pool, Finnish saunas, aroma steam room and Hammam from 10 am to 10 pm.

Children's visit - 5,000 tenge.

Children under the age of 6 cannot be admitted to the SPA center. Children from 6-12 years old can visit the complex only when accompanied by their parents and according to certain visiting rules:

  • on weekdays visiting time 10.00 - 17.00
  •  Saturday 10.00 - 15.00
  • Children under 12 years old are not allowed on Sunday.

Procedures price-list

Relaxing treatments
"Thai" massage 120 min. 28 000 tg. "Aloe Vera" massage  60 min. 15 500 tg
"Thai" massage 60 min. 16 000 tg "Tranquility" massage 90 min. 22 500 tg
"Bali" massage 60 min. 15 000 tg "Aromasoul" massage 90 min. 22 500 tg
"Antistress" massage  60 min. 17 500 tg "Head massage" 30 min.   8 000 tg
"Thousand touches" performed by 4 hands 60 min. 26 000 tg "Back massage" 45 min. 11 000 tg.
Healing and restorative procedures
"Spicy Borey" 90 min. 25 000 tg "Shirodara" procedure 165 min. 50 500 tg
"Tibetan herbal" 60 min. 18 000 tg "Netra" procedure 105 min. 29 000 tg
Chakra" massage 90 min. 19 500 tg. "Shiras" procedure 40 min. 16 000 tg
"Zhimbaran" performed by 4 hands

45 min.

20 000 tg
Strength procedures
"Turkish" massage 60 min. 16 500 tg "Shiatsu" massage 60 min. 15 000 tg
"Turkish" massage 45 min. 12 500 tg "Back and neck" massage 35 min. 10 000 tg
"Lomi Lomi" massage 45 min. 14 000 tg
"Eastern" peeling 45 min. 12 000 tg "Coffee" peeling 45 min. 12 000 tg
"Creamy" peeling 45 min. 15 500 tg "Marine" peeling 45 min 12 000 tg
"Chocolate" wrap 45 min.

15 000 tg

"Detox" wrap 60 min. 16 000 tg
"Gifts of the Ocean" wrap 45 min. 16 000 tg "Monticelli" wrap 60 min. 16 000 tg
Body shaping procedures
"The Secret of Cleopatra" 45 min. 20 000 tg "Chocolate" massage 60 min. 18 600 tg
"Milk and honey" 45 min. 15 000 tg "Chocolate" massage 45 min. 16 000 tg
Treatments for beautiful mothers
Procedure "Beauty of moment" for expected mothers 90 min. 20 000 tg
Post delivery procedure "Happy Mom" 90 min. 20 000 tg
Facial treatments
"Backward Time" Mask 60 min. 12 000 tg Mask "Tranquility" 40 min. 9 000 tg
Mask "Active cleansing" 60 min 12 000 tg Algae Express Mask 30 min. 9 000 tg
Mask "Beauty of Youth" 60 min 12 000 tg Acupressure facial massage 30 min. 8 000 tg
Mask "Male territory" 60 min. 12 000 tg
Foot treatments
"Aroma Reflexotherapy" 45 min. 12 000 tg "Lymphatic drainage" massage 45 min. 10 000 tg.
"Spicy care" procedure 30 min. 10 000 tg

Membership and club access price-list 

 1 month3 month

6 month

1 year
Standard cards 55 000 tg 130 000 tg 180 000 tg 300 000 tg
470 000 tg for couple
Diamond cards       600 000 tg
1 000 000 tg for couple