Having extraordinary sophistication, splendor and comfort, combining all the best in the Eastern and Western traditions, with true warmth and reverence “Nauryz” restaurant welcomes its guests. Turning around the lobby café, you find yourself in an atmosphere of exclusivity and elegance. Stylish interior design with soft and warm colors, where golden sun shades representing nobility and solemnity, and the colors of hot chocolate give a pleasant feeling of comfort, relaxation and tranquility, which literally captivates. Elegant designs, themed accents, charming nuances give the audience a special holiday and personality, making it trendy and modern, yet conservative and restrained, that is inherent in the Eurasian continent.

You will be literally hit with diversity and sophistication of the restaurant's menu, which combines the richness of national and European cuisine, including unusual delicacies, first-class selection of wines mainly from Europe, as well as specialties from a real professional of his craft - a virtuoso chef Darko Salopek from Montenegro. National dishes are just great, because the technology of their preparation improved new areas of the world of culinary arts. European cuisine is dominated true Italian delicacies to satisfy the most discerning palates.

In the morning, the restaurant opens its doors to offer a breakfast buffet, full of original dishes and fragrant fresh pastries, made by its own bakers-confectioners. There are also all kinds of dishes, salads and snacks, vegetables, assorted fruits, beverages, which would be presented according to your request. 

Comfortable, spacious and respectable restaurant hosts up to 70 guests, offers a worthy celebration of significant events, holding pleasant moments in a company of family and friends, suitable for solving business problems.

Once discovered “Nauryz” restaurant, tasted unsurpassed culinary masterpieces surrounded by authentic beauty and helpful service, you would find amazing place where you will always be comfortable.