After a busy working day, leaving behind everyday worries and urban bustle, you can relax in atmosphere of the respectable Cigara Club, enjoying the taste of fragrant elite cigars and upscale relaxing drinks.

Located on the third floor hall Cigara Club has plenty of character specific atmosphere rich with exclusive destination places. The hall is decorated with soft textures of different colors of whiskey ranges. Subdued lighting and jazz aesthetics give the audience calm and informality. True and discerning connoisseurs will be pleasantly impressed with excellent exclusive collection of quality cigars. With participation of qualified experts for storage of cigars all necessary conditions are created to tobacco which has retained its unique qualities and gave guests unmatched pleasure. Drinks, being served in this place, have passed strict selection by professionals and provide a rich assortment of the best in the world whiskey, brandy and other alcohol-notch.

At Cigara Club you can spend all night slowly discussing fresh ideas or projects final moments, or just calming down and getting rid of different thoughts. Time here suspends its normal course, dissolved in an aromatic cigar smoke, giving the very necessary respite before choosing of new ways, appointments and accomplishments.