Grand Hotel "Tien Shan" opened its doors on August 8, 2006.

And since then it pleases its guests with excellent service, highly qualified staff and a cozy atmosphere.

In 2010, the Grand Hotel Tien Shan was awarded the International Quality Summit in New York and was awarded the title of "Gold Category Hotel"

In 2011, the Grand Hotel Tien-Shan took the first place in the category "Best hotel of the 4-star category" and retains this status since 2011 (KAGiR diploma)

Our hotel is an official member of the "Kazakhstan Association of Hotels and Restaurants" since 2011.

Like all successful companies, "Grand Hotel" Tien-Shan "has its own history.

Before becoming one of the first local brands with a network of hotels and recommending themselves the best in its category and niche, it took several years.

One day, on a summer sunny morning, two friends strolling along the avenue of ul. Tulebayeva noticed that the location of the streets and green well-groomed square, could not be better suited to the location of the future hotel. A remarkable building near the park was the building of the Ministry of Geology, but it did not rent out or be sold. But the friends were so inspired by the idea of the future hotel in this grand, ancient building in the heart of the city that did not leave any hope for the fulfillment of the dream. And quite by accident, a few months later, while reading the newspaper, one of the friends noticed an unexpected announcement about the sale of the building for offices. The deal was concluded, and the reconstruction of the old building began, which several years later turned into a "Grand Hotel" Tien-Shan ".

The dream of the founders and now co-founders of the Tien-Shan hotel group allows us to enjoy the beauty of the old building built in the times of the USSR, which has strength and power, and which fits perfectly into the beloved Almaty. And inside the hotel is harmoniously neighboring comfort and hospitality of the people and conditions that correspond to all standards of the hotel business.